• Learn how to get admitted to world's top private schools and colleges from those who have studied at Harvard, Yale, MIT, UPenn among many others.

    Welcome to Ukraine Global Scholars Webinar Series 2017

  • UGS Webinars Series 2017

    UGS team launches a series of online webinars aimed at educating talented Ukrainian students on admission to world's best prep schools and universities.


    Registration: Seats are limited to 200 - hurry up and sign up today!


    Fee: We introduced a small fee of 100 UAH per seminar. This money will be donated to Ukraine Global Scholars fund.

    Our webinar series is designed to walk you through an application process to world's top schools and colleges:

    • Nuances of the application process to top schools
    • Successful application crafting strategy to maximize admission chances 
    • Tips on increasing TOEFL and SAT I/SAT II scores 
    • Advice on filling out financial documents and receiving full financial aid 
    • Choosing the right school
    • First-hand advice from students like you who have been admitted to top schools

    A typical webinar session:

    Each webinar is conducted by 2 or 3 of the speakers listed below​

    • Listen to a lecture in Ukrainian/Russian accompanied by professional slides in English
    • Ask as many questions as you wish in a live chat session run by UGS 2016 scholars
    • Parents are welcome to participate!
  • Webinar Topics and Dates

    High-Level Application Strategy

    March 18th, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time

    • The admission process
    • School types and choosing the right college
    • Advanced application strategy 
    • Tips on self-positioning to maximize admission

    Common and Gateway Application

    March 26th, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time

    • Common application and Gateway overview 
    • Key components of the application: fee-waiver, recommendations, CV/Resume etc. 
    • Tips on crafting a successful application 

    American Essay Technique

    April 2nd, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time

    • Different essay types 
    • Tips on writing a successful essay 
    • In-depth analysis of real essay examples 

    TOEFL exam

    April 9th, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time

    • TOEFL exam components 
    • Question types and strategies to tackle them
    • Techniques that maximize your score

    SAT I and SAT II exams

    April 29th, 16:00 - 18:00 Kyiv Time

    • SAT exam components 
    • Question types and strategies to tackle them
    • Techniques that maximize your score

    Financial Aid Application and Strategy

    May 7th, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time

    • All  you need to know about the financial aid 
    • Financial aid real application review
    • Tips on filling out financial documents and maximizing financial aid award

    Graduate school

    May 21st, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time

    • Graduate  school options (PhD, MBA, MA, MD, LLM)
    • Application process similarities and differences 
    • Life lessons on maximizing your change on getting in
  • About the speakers

    Misha Lemesh, MBA

    Originally from Zaporizhzhya

    • Graduated from Deerfield Academy '08Harvard University '12, Wharton School of Business, '17​
    • Works as an Associate at McKinsey & Co

    Marina Bayeva, PhD

    Originally from Dnipropetrovsk​

    • Graduated from Vassar College '06, received PhD, M.D. from Northwestern University
    • Works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

    Pavlo Kononenko

    ​Originally from Myrhorod

    • Graduated from Leysin American School '05, Harvard University '09, Harvard School of Business '13
    • Works as a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group

    Anastasiya Prokhorenko

    Originally from Chernihiv​

    • Graduated from Phillips Academy Andover '15 and is a student at Middlebury College '19 
    • Focuses on Political Science and Film Studies

    Katerina Manoff

    Originally from the US

    • Graduated from University of Pennsylvania '09, received M.Ed. from Harvard University '12
    • Professional education consultant

    Sergiy Shkurinsky

    ​Originally from Zhytomyr

    • Currently a student at NYU Abu Dhabi '20
    • Focuses on Economics (finance specialization) and Political Science

    Yuliya Sychikova

    Originally from Berdyansk

    • Graduated from University of Pennsylvania '11
    • An entrepreneur, currently works as an Associate at AVentures Capital VC fund

    Misha Iakovenko

    ​Originally from Cherkassy

    • Currently a student at Wesleyan University '18
    • Focuses on Economics and Data Analysis
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    Graduate School Options - MBA, LLM, MD, MA and others

    (May 21th, 18:00 - 20:00 Kyiv Time)

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